Zero Waste and Zero Candy Easter Basket

Spring is finally making an appearance up here in the Pacific Northwest and Easter is just around the corner. 

Do you have a plan for making Easter celebrations planet and people friendly? How can we keep our traditions plastic free and healthy when the very thing we are supposed to do is eat candy out of plastic eggs? I don’t have an answer for everything but I did manage an almost waste free and definitely candy free basket for my 18 month old and 3 year old. The ‘almost’ is for the plastic tags that attach the paper tags to the items. I had six of those. Anyways, here is what went in…

Thrift store books. I scour the kids books at the thrift store periodically throughout the year for gifts and seasonal books. I have a bag of “gift books” hidden away in a closet. So I grabbed some of them to toss in. I lightly wipe board books with a diluted vinegar mix.

Summer hat and gardening gloves. These were in the cheap section of target and had zero packaging besides the paper tag. These type of things are difficult to find used and probably wouldn’t be in good condition so I don’t mind buying them new. They are colorful and add great interest to the basket. I love gardening and they often want to “help”. Even if it’s just yard work or looking for bugs, gloves are a great contribution. If they already have these, go along the same route with a small spade, trowl, or watering can. Older kids might enjoy their own plant to look after.

Mini master gardener in the making.

Bunny Ears. These are usually a dollar at the dollar store (duh), Target or any large one-stop store. They do contain plastic in the headband inside the cloth but I love that these can be reused forever really. I put them in the basket every year, take a few pictures and let them wear them throughout the day and pack them up with the Easter decor to be used again next year. There’s no reason they have to lie around to be bent or broken. If your kids really want them longer then they can be added to a dress up box I suppose. I bought a few extra this year as photo props for our egg hunt but same deal: reuse!

Stuffy. I kidnapped the stuffed lambs from their room a month ago. They were in their baskets last year. We don’t need two more stuffies so I’m hoping that by presenting them again they might get more love and attention and save us more clutter. If you aren’t in the same boat then buying a small stuffy is a great toy for a basket. It doesn’t have to be an ‘Easter’ animal. Choose something you think will get loved.

Soap. Fun shaped soap is colorful, useful and zero waste. Having your very own soap can be special for a little one. Pumpkin wiggles loves cars and this car soap from Mormor is perfect.

Socks. Kids need and go through so many socks. Add a cute animal pair to the basket. They double as puppets on feet or hands!

Wind up toy. As with the bunny ears, these are treats that can be used year after year. They don’t come in packaging either. We have the cheap (lol cheep!) ones but these wood ones from Lime Tree Kids are a great eco-friendly option as the only plastic is in the mechanics. 

That’s all for now! As always, I welcome any comments or questions! Perhaps if there is time before Easter I will post about our egg hunt. We will have visiting baby bunnies this year again!

Happy Easter!

“According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” (1 Peter 1:3)


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