A Quick Heart to Heart

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and even though it is a favorite holiday of mine, it seems to sneak up on me year after year. Unlike Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which almost have an entire month leading up to them, Valentine’s Day has a measly 2 weeks. That should be enough time, right? But it still seems so short. What is it about the day of love that’s so difficult to prepare for? The grammar questions?

Whatever it is, here are some tips on decorating for the day of love that can dispel any procrastination. Quick, inexpensive, and effective, your home can be turned into a love shack today in a matter of hours or less!

valentine images
Forget Elf on the Shelf. Isn’t this angel adorable?

Heart of Gold

I seem to get fairly excited about the next year’s décor and a few of these ideas I came` up with by the end of February last year. I kept the bottom half of a heart-shaped chocolate box because it was already white and had no labels. Saves me some painting. I thought it would make a cute over-sized candy heart. Not without some glam though. $1.50 glitter letter stickers deliver. You can get the same effect on any heart box with some paint or even lining the back of a box with paper.

“Stickers are hard to get perfectly lined up!” you say? Try this: grab a ruler, place the bottom quarter of your stickers on your ruler lined up the way you’d like. This gives you the ability to arrange and rearrange, space and respace.


When you are ready, angle the stickers onto your project and press down on the top of the stickers. If they lay the way you want, pull the ruler away from the bottom and press the rest down. Bingo! Perfectly aligned.

baby heart
Pumpkin Wiggles approves this message.


Dressed to Impress

What else can we find around the house to rosy things up? Do you have a daughter who happens to have ten million bows and ribbons? I bet a large portion are red, white, and pink. They can be turned into some cute vase evening wear. Oooh la la! These are for my sweet little niece since I don’t have a little girl myself.

v day bows

Isn’t that adorable? And so easy it can be whipped up in a few minutes. A piece of tape in the back can secure the extra band.

v day bow 2

A Love Affair to Remember

Do you have any favorite valentines you’ve saved from previous years? I keep a cute and simple 6×4 frame in my buffet. When I can’t part with a sweet card from my hubby or a good friend, and it happens to have a pretty front, it goes in the frame. A favorite of mine has illustrated flowers for spring. I use a vintage Christmas card from my grandma in winter. I keep them all in the frame at the same time so it’s a simple switch each season.

bow 3

Show the Love

And the best and easiest arrangement for your Heart Day display is a type of “Valentine’s Tree”. Scavenge the yard or park for some bare branches. We have a Japanese Maple that has bright red saplings worth “trimming” even though it’s February. I think they really make a great pop! If you want the same but don’t happen to have this type handy, spray painting is not a bad option. Just wait until your sticks are fully dried and remove all moss or loose bark. Make sure you have great ventilation or are outside since it may take a few rounds of paint to get every angle.


I love the look of vintage valentines. Honestly, I did not save any My Little Pony or Optimus Prime valentines from my youth but I’m thankful that some parents had the forethought to save their children’s valentines back in the 50’s. You can find some reprints from all decades at many boutiques (if not the real things). They are also available online for about $.75 each or in packs of 15 for under $10. I got this 50’s reprint valentine from a shop in Snohomish. The Victorian cards are intricate and beautiful also (like Ruby Red up there) but I went a bit more light hearted this year with that sweet little boy that looks like my Tomte.

love bird

Whether old or new, place or hang your valentines (or a little bird) from the branches. Now you can really show the love. 😉

I hope these quick tips were helpful to you! I always believe that festive decorating can improve our lives: It helps mark the time of year, reminding us that we need to appreciate each day in our lives because time goes by so fast! It also enriches the lives of our children. There is so much wonder and excitement for a child as they experience each new season and holiday. And finally, I love the joy that it brings me to see something pretty when I come home each day. Walking in to a welcoming and festive home can lift up my spirits even when there are dishes in the sink. I hope the same rings true for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you love and joy between you and your friends and family. For a quick read on the origin of St. Valentine’s Day to accompany your quick décor tips, click here. Think about reading it to the family during dinner or elect someone to read it aloud during a drive to school. Click here (tweet! tweet!) for a link to the story of the mating of the birds, an ancient Greek and Roman tradition that would predict your future mate on February 14th!


What do you remember about Valentine’s Day growing up? Do you have a favorite valentine or type of valentine? Do you make your valentines or buy them?

Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.

Colossians 3:14
And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.



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