Goody Bag Previews and Tips

Our launch is just around the corner which means things are falling in place and you are getting that much closer to viewing all the fun parties I’ve been building. Hurray!

It would be no fun to keep everything a secret though, so enjoy a few preview pics of our thoughtful and fun goody bags. Every level of party gets them!

The ‘Wild West’ goody bag has play food for the hobby horse (‘Wild West’ party starter item) each child received as they rode into the party.
Get started on your own fairy garden with items from the Fairy party goody bag.

One of the things I love to incorporate into my parties is the treat bag. Maybe not your favorite part as the host or hostess or even as the parent of a guest. Yes, they can be a pain but they don’t have to be. Your child bringing home a hoard of small plastic toys and stickers that get littered all over the place can make you cringe. Trying to find the perfect balance of said small goodies for the bags can be cringe worthy too. Often we resort to food or candy which can make us feel a bit guilty (but it’s fast and easy!).

Did you know that they make special slippers for forging your way through Lego strewn passageways? I’m thinking when we outgrow Duplo we’ll get some extra pairs by the door for guests like the Japanese do. Although, it would be more for safety than cleanliness.


Small doodads and candy are FUN for kids so I don’t want to insult anyone who has done party bags like that. My toddler has actually played with a sticky hand for an hour straight before. For toddlers, that is like 3 days time. For me though, the danger is that if I don’t find a place for everything in our house we will within a few months be eating on our stoop. So, my goal has been to develop goody bags that will not add clutter, will not be uninteresting after a day or two, but will fit the theme of the party, creating a seamless memory of the party when the goody bag contents are seen, worn or played with later on.

‘Ice Queen’ bags hold a marshmallow snow man building kit. Build, play, devour.

Another alternative strategy is to go with something that can be used up by the guest and not add any clutter to their home. Options like soaps, bath salts, small candles, a disposable camera and a nice chocolate or two may work great for bridal showers, baby showers, or birthdays. For children, a pack of crayons and a few coloring pages, some origami sheets with a page of instructions, bubble bath, and yes, even an edible treat are all wonderful options that are easy to use up, recycle, toss, or ingest (appropriately) without leaving any mess.

‘Coming Up Roses’ goody bags hold a piece of jewelry and rose shaped hand soap.

Overall, I am well aware that goody bags are not an essential for a good time. You’re friends and family are there to celebrate with you, not to get free stuff. But one of the reasons I love to create goody bags is because I love giving gifts. Wanting to see a smile on the faces of your guests is a valid desire. Many of us can forget the reason we go through the trouble of these traditions in the first place. We are saying, “Thank you! I value your presence here. I value your friendship. This is a commemoration of our celebration. Remember this time long after it’s over.”

The following is a great quote from Richard Bach and also sums up gift giving: EVERY GIFT FROM A FRIEND IS A WISH FOR YOUR HAPPINESS.

giant teddy bear



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