Baby, It’s Coldish Outside

An ‘Every-Day-Festivity’ post by Fest owner, Bryn Isaksen

Brrrrr. With the rain and the wind it feels colder in the Puget Sound than it does in the mountains. Maybe I’m exaggerating. But only by a little bit.

That’s alright. It won’t stop us from having every-day fun this winter! There are so many beautiful things about winter even if it rains here and there. And if you can’t see the beauty outside then go ahead and make some. I’ll tell you how.

Crafting fun book

My best friend gave me the sweetest book this year (Crafting Fun, pictured above). It is a collection of crafts and activities to do with kids throughout the seasons. Normally those type of books are super interesting but get overlooked with all of this new media flying around us, telling us what project we should do next. (Am I being a little hypocritical? Yes.) This book is so different! For one, it is fairly short. It also has large beautiful illustrations drawn from vintage books and magazines and finally, it includes awesome things like animal track casting, quill pens, and campfire stories. You can’t get much closer to my heart than that, craft books.

scary crafts
Nice try, craft book. Not opening you.

I keep it next to my cookbooks for easy access, especially since many of these crafts can be done on the fly with stuff from around the house. They are also pretty difficult to utterly fail at. You know what I mean. Even if it’s a kid’s craft you still don’t want something you shudder at every time you pass the fridge.


This is one of my favorites. If this makes you smile, visit

So here is the perfect craft book cracking scenario:

It’s January. Of course I needed motivation to take down Christmas and from now on this will be it. First I gathered all the “real” garlands, sprigs of evergreen and berries from around the house. I was ready to toss them into the compost but instead left them by the door. Good thing. We had half an hour or so to kill before Tomte was picked up by Bestemor for a sleepover. I pulled down my trusty book and flipped it open to “Winter.” Lo and behold,  “Outdoor Ice Picture” required nothing but greenery, water, string and an aluminum pie pan. Perfect.


IMG_20160112_162602 (1)
The drool really adds to his cuteness.

Those sprigs only needed a few snaps to be the perfect size for Tomte’s pie pan. Cranberries are in there too. You never really need a Costco sized bag of cranberries. Or maybe you do. I now know that I don’t. But we had some, which was helpful. He had fun spreading them around. He probably thought it was the smallest sensory bin ever.

I filled it up with water and layered a bow between the greens to make sure it didn’t float to the top (A bow was already on the table from Christmas and twine was downstairs- thus, bow). I probably could have left it outside which would have extended the learning experience but just to make sure it froze, I popped it in the freezer. This was very disconcerting to my toddler.

But it all worked out. He was ecstatic when he saw the picture pop out of the pan the next day. We hung up his beautiful artwork outdoors in front of his window. It was gorgeous with the light coming through.

Random wrapping bow for the win!

I could see us making more of these and decorating the whole yard if we were in a colder climate. Sadly, since the temperature fluctuates so much here, the picture only lasted 2 days, but it was very pretty watching the sun shine through.

Totally worth the time it took to throw together. I bet older kids would have more fun arranging their plates whereas a two year old’s attention span is pretty short. Still worth it! Hope this inspires you to take a few minutes to work with nature and decorate your yard. You don’t have to be a kid to love nature crafts. 🙂

Ok, one more awful craft book.

scary crafts 2
That elephant watches you from every angle.

Do you have any favorite crafts involving nature? How do you keep creativity alive in the winter? What do you do to keep yourself or your kids busy during these short days? Comment below!

Psalm 96:11-12

11 Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it;
12 let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them. Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy;





4 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Coldish Outside

  1. A few weeks ago we made birdseed feeders with pine cones. That was great. Usually to keep kids busy we go on trips to pet stores, IKEA, zoo, family’s homes, Costco, imagination musem in Everett. I’m always afraid to get messy in house with crafts and would like to ideas!

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  2. I love that outdoor ice picture, such a great project, and easy to do! I have trouble thinking of crafts to do with my toddler, it always seems like too much work or too messy. I do like letting him play with washable markers and paints, at least the clean up is a breeze!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The ice craft is a great and educational project! We might have to try that with non-Christmas-y stuff. Rosie loves ice so it would be fun to “make our own” 😉

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