Who’s ready to party?

Well, I guess I am! First post on a brand new blog that supports a brand new website that hosts a brand new business. How is that for a happy new year? I am excited to start this blog and share week to week ways to make life a bit more festive. I’ll also be posting party tips and hopefully be sharing guest posts as well from all things festive around the Puget Sound. This is my first swing at full blown technology immersion (a website, blog, and FB page at the same time! Ah!) but I am learning and I’m looking forward to seeing it all come to life.

This post will primarily describe what my new business is and also what it is about. But before I begin I’d like to thank you, reader, friend, for starting at the very beginning with me. This is a huge step for me. I’ve always been a creative person and fairly hard working but I’ve never thought I would be successful in running my own business. Mostly because I knew it would need to be something I enjoyed doing A LOT. Otherwise I would want to run on to the next thing. But ta-da! I’ve found what many would call a niche because now I can craft to my heart’s content without ever getting bored and hopefully turn it into a successful career.

Belle of the ball
Belle of the ball — Image by © H. Armstrong Roberts/CORBIS

So what is Fest? Fest is, in many languages, the word for party. We use it in English too to describe many types of celebrations: Festival, filmfest, festivities. I love the definition too: “an assembly of people engaged in a common activity.” So really, any activity done together can qualify as a festival. I think what makes it a “fest”or not is up to you.

kids office birthday party

These kids have something to celebrate despite being forced to work at the office at such a young age.

But to really make your “waiting-for-the-bus-fest” a big hit you might need a few supplies. In fact, any party without some type of out-of-the-ordinary decor or munchies may not seem very festive. That’s where I’ll step in. Who has time these days to run to a ton of stores to find those perfect paper straws or the right sized cellophane bags?

We all need reasons to party, times to relax, occasions that remind us that our children, family and friends are way more important than our 9 to 5. Sadly though, the celebrations we want to throw can turn into more stress and more work than our day jobs and its possible to get the very opposite feelings we want on the day of the party: apprehension, anxiety, all around grumpiness. “These strawberries aren’t going to core themselves!!!”

Not cool.

inward screams

Don’t let this be your party face.

How can I make it easier for you to enjoy your own party? What if the only trip you needed to make for hosting a bridal shower was to the grocery store? (Well with Amazon Fresh maybe not even that.) Imagine it…

happy mom

This mom ordered her party at Fest and can eat her ice cream with peace of mind.

What you are imagining is Fest. An entire party sans the perishables delivered to you in a box. Yes, straight to you. Decorations, games, dining set up, goody bags, yes, filled! What’s more, this is not a mystery box. You will see on the website pictures and descriptions of each item you will receive so you know how to prepare. Or not since really all you need will be in there, but if you want to decorate beyond what is provided you will know the styles and colors of the items so they will flow seamlessly.

Are you excited? YES! I am. 🙂 The party kits are based on three levels that really are based on how much help you want with your party.

The first level is just decor items and “party starters” (a special item each guest receives) to give your party the extra oomph you’d like to truly make it a fest.

The second level builds on the first. You will get all the tableware and decor you need: disposable table cloths, food and cake plates, utensils, cups, straws etc. Set up in a matter of minutes. Bam! Instant party.

The final level is the true party in a box. This one includes, on top of the other levels, rental games which the host or hostess can choose from the lists on the website. There will be anywhere from 6-10 options per party theme ranging in ages toddler to adult. A great way to make your party truly “all out” without buying specialty items just for the party. Depending on the party this level may also include large decor rental or costume play all for the same price.

So there it is! Fest will be launching in 10 days! Wow. Pictures will be added as soon as they are available. I am so ready and so excited to bring joy to families all over Puget Sound. Please message me with any questions. Throughout the week I will be posting discounts and give-aways for first buys and referrals so keep your eyes open for Fest on your feeds!

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